One day visit

A great way to connect with our home and experience life with the kids is to make a day trip to our home. We do everything we can to make sure your visit is an amazing experience.

Here are the steps to make it happen:

  • We can help you plan your visit by giving you ideas of activities.
  • When you arrive to City of Angels we will give you a tour and share our story
  • We have two time slots in which you could visit:
    • 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
    • 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm
  • If you need more time we can gladly accommodate.

The weekend trips last a few hours but with creativity we can make great use of that time!

Some of the typical activities are:

  • Bring lunch or cook for our kids and staff.
  • Play outdoor games
  • Bring a gift for each child and staff
  • Work on a project that the house needs (painting, gardening, cleaning)
  • Bring donations of consumables (we can provide you with a list)
  • Bring pre-approved crafts, games, and activities you can do with our kids
  • Activities depend on each team, their creativity and budget. We can always accommodate ideas and see how it works best for everyone.

Extended visit

Some groups or families like to spend more than a day serving and doing projects for children. We have the option of a bunk house near the campus (approx 15/20 min)

The steps to follow are these:

Schedule your visit in advance by emailing

We charge $20 per person per night (includes hot showers, water, a kitchen to cook or meals on campus)

We can meet you at the bunk house or at the orphanage, depending on your needs.

We will help you plan your visit and activities in advance based on your project budget and skills

Bring your church

A short-term mission trip can help the spiritual growth of the entire Church. There is no better way to know and strengthen faith than by sharing it with others. The Missionary experience generates a deeper knowledge of God, of souls and of the call to make the Gospel known to the whole world.

A short-term mission trip can give Church members and those who travel, especially, a goal to motivate them to move forward.


  • Buy seeds, weed and landscape the garden and plant the seeds to help us grow our own food.
  • Buy and/or prepare, and serve lunch or dinner for our kids and staff.
  • Paint, weed, or landscape around the property, if needed.
  • Play soccer, basketball, or hang out on the playground with some of our kids.
  • Take our kids and staff out to eat TACOS.
  • Read with our kids with Spanish books from our library.
  • Bring pre-approved crafts, games, and activities to do with our kids.
  • Take our kids and staff out for a beach day.
  • Bring donations of consumables (we can provide you with a list). (link for the DONATE CONSUMIBLES)
  • Go out into our neighborhood and bless the neighbors with food, donations, prayer, or another type of outreach.

We would be honored to have you and your church.

If you would like to have us come visit your church to speak and share about all that God is doing in our orphanage, please contact us! We would love to  spend time with you and your church. Please be praying for all of our children and their hearts, they have a challenging life and we can all help to make it easier. 

Travel information


Travel Information 

1. Schedule a visit in advance

2. Make sure you have passports and insurance

3. Finding us is easy and safe

Schedule A Visit In Advance

We want to take good care of you when you visit and so it’s important that you schedule your visit with us in advance. Our home is very busy and some days or weeks are better than others. 

  • Email with potential dates
  • Let him know: size of your group, is it a day visit or overnight, and how you’re group would like to serve
  • Ask any additional questions
  • Response times for emails are typically less than 24 hours

Our visiting hours for day groups are 10:00 am to 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm (if you need more than 3 hours we can arrange it and be flexible)

Don’t Forget Your Passports and Car Insurance

A passport or passport card is now required to re-enter the U.S. from Mexico for all travelers over 16. For more information, go to the

From time to time, Mexican Border Officials are asking to randomly see passports at the border and asking people to fill out a tourist visa card, just like every other country in the world.  Since you have your passport for US entry this shouldn’t be a problem, we just wanted to let you know. We would love have you visit and we want it to go as smoothly as possible.

Mexican Car Insurance

We strongly suggest you purchase at least basic liability insurance when visiting Mexico (it is not legal to drive without it).  If you’d like to purchase Mexican car insurance prior to your visit, Baja Bound offers short and medium-term policies online. If you purchase a policy by clicking on the link below, Door of Faith receives a donation!  If you would prefer to buy insurance on your way down there are several insurance kiosks near the border on the US side that would be able to help you.

Visit: Baja Bound Mexican Insurance

Also: Van Rentals

If you are thinking of renting vans for your group we recommend ASAP Rentals out of San Diego. They will deliver the vans to wherever you may need in the San Diego County including the airport.

You can also purchase Mexican car insurance through them for the vans you rent. Here is their website:

One other great rental company is: California Rental Baja, they have great options including 4 wheel drives and they also offer Mexican Insurance.  They can be reached at:

Driving Directions

Before you come please make sure you print out the directions below and carefully review it, if you have any questions about the directions please let us know. 

You can print the driving directions HERE