“My husband and I have been working with City of Angels orphanage for almost 2 years. First we were coming weekly with a team to do a children’s program and then we transitioned to bringing them groceries monthly. We have grown a friendship with both the Directors and the kids over the years. The Directors have an amazing heart for seeing families reunited and in an area where its hard to find trustworthy people they are truly in it just for the kids. They are some of the best people we know! The kids are beautiful, friendly, happy, well-mannered and are a testament to the good care and training they receive living at City of Angels. I would encourage anybody to visit, bring a team, or financially support this orphanage. They are doing a great job!”

-Sarah, 38 years old

“Hi, I am Lynn. I have enjoyed 4 or 5 visits to COA over the past couple of years and each time I go I enjoy the sweet spirit of the staff and children. My stays are usually 2-3 days and I’ve stayed in the guest/bunk room on the premises.  I enjoy hanging out with them in the courtyard where the kids play soccer, scooter and creative games they come up with.  A few months ago I brought a group of friends down for a day to do some deep cleaning projects around the orphanage.  I was so excited to share this experience with them as I knew they would be blessed by their time spent at COA.  The group also brought an art project which we did with the kids and donations to fill up the freezer and pantry.  Everyone had such a great time and has been asking when we can go again!  I look forward to planning our next trip soon!”

Lynn, 58 years old

“Hello my name is Reuben. I’m from Pennsylvania and I spent about a month at the City of Angels orphanage. It was a trip I’ll never forget. The staff welcomed me and made me feel at home my first day there. The children are friendly and happy; they love playing games. I can see they are loved and well cared for. I am thankful I had the opportunity to visit and hope to go again!! “

Reuben, 22 years old

“I recently visited City of Angels for the first time and had the privilege of sharing a few days with the staff and young people. Every staff member was supportive and helpful.They helped us cross the border coming and going, which was a relief, and were attentive to our needs while there. It didn’t take long to make friends and come to an appreciation of the commitment each staff member has toward the mission. Not onlyare they committed, but they are gifted with an ability to meet the mental, physical and spiritual needs of the young people they serve. God is at work there.”

 David Harrison, Pastor and Missionary, Vallecito Union Church